How Do Muscles Become Injured?

There are many circumstances that can lead to muscle strains and injuries. The most obvious is external trauma, however, there are many other factors that can adversely affect your horses muscles. The following are some examples that can cause your horse to have muscle degeneration: Nutrition Factors, Infection, Inadequate Warm Up/ Cool Down, Poor Schooling, Muscle Overuse, Ill-Fitting Tack, Tension/ Anxiety or Emotional Stress.

What Happens When a Muscle is Injured?

When a muscle is injured the muscle is unable to contract correctly this will lead to pain and a disruption of vascular supply to the muscle. There are many types of muscle injuries including: Adhesions and Scar Tissue, Trigger/ Stress Points, Lactic Acid Build Up, Tension and Spasms. All the above can be treated by Equine Sports Massage with various techniques.

How Often Should I Use and Equine Sports Massage Therapist?

This is completely individual to your horse. Some horses will carry tension in the muscles more than others, this can be because of conformation, discipline and the intensity of the horses work load. After treating your horse I will recommend a time period for your horses next massage, most horses need to be seen three to four times per year.

What Can I Expect From an Equine Sports Massage Session?

On arrival I like to get to know your horse, it is important for an animal to accept my presence before I begin treatment. From here I like to talk to you as a horse owner and ask you to fill in a form about your horses history. I will look at your horses static and dynamic conformation and from there I will palpate the muscles. A session will last approximately one hour but may take longer depending on the client.

Are There Any Contraindications?

Massage is a safe form of therapy but there are some conditions when the horse should not be treated. I can not treat your horse if they are dehydrated, lame, immediately after injury, over an open wound, if your horse is pregnant, in the cases of colic or tying up, if there is an infection and raised temperature and if your horse has any bleeding disorders.

What Can I Expect With an Equine Rehabilitation Plan?

At Equilise a rehabilitation plan is specific to you and your horse, therefore it will be tailored to your horses injury and your lifestyle. I will come out to see you and your horse for a free consultation and will ask you for veterinary notes so I can understand your horse better. From here I will create a detailed week by week plan of groundwork and ridden exercises for you to carry out. I will be on call at all times and will visit you for following up sessions throughout your rehabilitation journey.


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