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Horses are utilised throughout the world for pleasure and sport, whether it be your family pony or your top competition horse they become a huge and very important part of our lives. Horses, unfortunately, do not have the ability to speak about their mobility problems and rely on us as horse owners to detect them.

Here at Equilise, I aim to help you identify mobilisation issues, reduce pain and tension as well as improving the muscle tone and elongate connective tissue. Equine sports massage also increases the blood flow to muscles and therefore increases recovery time after injury or strenuous exercise. Prior to your horse’s treatment, a full consultation is carried out, which includes a static and dynamic analysis of your horse. Equilise also offers rehabilitation and fitness programs for your horse which aim to return your loved one back to full health and in general improve performance.

Based in North Yorkshire I will travel to you to discuss the best ways to help and then tailor an equine sports therapy session individual to your horse. Call or email today to book your appointment, travel costs may apply depending on location.

Megan Boden BSc (hons) ESMT

Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Since an early age, I have always had an obsession with horses and they have grown to be a huge part of my life. During this time, I developed a real passion for equine well-being and performance. I am a competent horsewoman spending the majority of my time riding and training. Currently, I am competing my own horse ‘Barry’ at pre-novice level with hopes of developing him further in the upcoming season.  It was when I was 18 years old I had a real insight into the negative effects of equine trauma and from here I decided to go to university to study a BSc (hons) Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation Degree.

In the summer of 2017, I graduated with a second-class honours upper division but most importantly heaps of knowledge on how the equine body systems work. I learned a lot about different techniques to improve performance, prevent injuries and post-injury healing as well as equine biomechanics and conformation problems. Even though I had heaps of experience with horses instead off jumping straight into my next challenge I decided to broaden my horizons even further and went to work for a racing preparation yard, this been an area that back then I had not yet explored. I am now in a great position and have worked alongside international event horses, hunt horses, youngstock and fit racehorses ensuring I have confidence and knowledge working with most types of horses.

From here, my next venture was to study as an equine sports massage therapist with The College of Animal Physiotherapy. I completed with a distinction which allows me to practise within the equine industry as a professional equine masseuse. Registered with the IAAT (International Association of Animal Therapists) and fully insured with Balens, I am now excited to provide equine sports massage treatments, rehabilitation and fitness services to the local equine community. 

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