The Equilise Message

Equi-Lise is ran by Megan Boden a recent Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation Graduate. I am currently studying to become an Equine Sports Therapist. The name Equilise has stemmed from equalise, which means balance and stability, something that all equine therapies aim to achieve. My aim for Equilise is to be a small local business that offers equine sports massage, rehabilitation and fitness programs for horses. However, my aim for my Equilise blog is to spread the word, to as many horse owners as I can, about equine complementary therapies and rehabilitation techniques.

All posts that are written by me will be based on my knowledge, my personal experience and research and is intended for informational and educational use only. I will not be writing any content that will be veterinary advice so please contact a vet or qualified therapist in matters concerning the health of your equine friends. I will welcome everyone’s thoughts, comments and questions about every blog post I write.

Megan XOX


My Diary

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Tuesday 30th January 2018

How has January seemed to last forever? Not to worry as were soon heading into February. Dare I say it’s started to get warmer and at least the nights are getting lighter? Those evening hacks are getting closer guys…

This January I decided to set up my blog. I’m still getting used to sitting down and writing a post without rambling on but I think I am getting there slowly if I’m honest I do still have the cringing feeling when I am reading back on what I have written. Still, I haven’t got much blog traffic yet and I’m still waiting for all you horsie people to read and interact with my posts. I know it will all come in time and patience is a virtue!

I thought it would be a cool idea to once a month post in ‘My Diary’ as most of my posts are aimed to be quite educational and not that personal. I suppose it’s nice to read what’s going on with me. So here goes, like I said I have been spending huge amounts of time trying to set up my blog mainly getting my head around WordPress- I think I’m getting there and my website is looking pretty damn good for a novice blogger.

Aside from Equilise and my blog… Work has been busy, I work in the racing industry and this time of year we prep the yearlings for the breeze-up sales. All the colts and fillies are feeling very well and can be cheeky at times but they all look incredible and are a pleasure to work with. Both my two horses have started their work for the event season. Barry, in particular, has been very fresh this month but he looks insane for this time of the year and I am so excited for the season to come (summer can you hurry up please). Lila, my mare is also feeling fit and well and has proven this week how much scope she really does has, even though she hates dressage and would rather stand on her two feet.


As you can probably tell with working full time, getting two horses back into work and starting my blog I haven’t had much time to myself but I have really enjoyed January. I cannot wait for all the new exciting things I have ahead of me, this year is really going to be the year for my career and hopefully the year my new blog expands.

For me right now it’s time to pop on my PJ’s and chill by the fire with my snoring Labrador…

I am looking forward to writing new posts and information in February, watch this space.

Megan XOXO