The Equilise Message

Equi-Lise is ran by Megan Boden a recent Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation Graduate. I am currently studying to become an Equine Sports Therapist. The name Equilise has stemmed from equalise, which means balance and stability, something that all equine therapies aim to achieve. My aim for Equilise is to be a small local business that offers equine sports massage, rehabilitation and fitness programs for horses. However, my aim for my Equilise blog is to spread the word, to as many horse owners as I can, about equine complementary therapies and rehabilitation techniques.

All posts that are written by me will be based on my knowledge, my personal experience and research and is intended for informational and educational use only. I will not be writing any content that will be veterinary advice so please contact a vet or qualified therapist in matters concerning the health of your equine friends. I will welcome everyone’s thoughts, comments and questions about every blog post I write.

Megan XOX


My Diary

Tuesday 27th February

Tuesday 27th February

The end of February is here… already! They say that in February you start to lose motivation, I read this in my ‘get things done’ diary at the start of this month and thought nope not me. Well, I have.  I think it’s mainly because in January you set a goal that you want to achieve so you work your backside off to make it happen. Then bang, February hits and life starts to get in the way again and your back to your normal ways, working hard, mucking out, sleeping lots (of course).

Like I said I have lost some motivation in February but at least I acknowledge that and now I can get back on track, writing my blog posts and filling my equilise Instagram with loads of new cool stuff. I have started an interesting blog post on the water treadmill that I WILL get finished over the weekend.

So, aside from not writing many blog posts this month what have I been doing? I have started doing some revision for my equine sports massage course, I love sitting down with books and notepads and learning. I already have loads of notes from doing my degree but I have still had to learn and remember loads. I’ve started from the equine skeletal system and learned all (most) of the bones in the equine muscle, March consists of learning the muscles… bring on March!

Work is crazy! We have lots of fresh fillies and colts ready to breeze and they have all started to do proper work. With me not having a big racing background I have spent a lot of February on the ground in the yard, but I love it! It is refreshing been out in the winter air and I think that being on the floor you get a real bond with all the horses, as well as many bites from all the colts. I am enjoying work even though the racing industry is really hard work. Lots of long hours and not many days off, but it is rewarding. Don’t get me wrong I am not enjoying this snow but (fingers crossed) spring is on the way.

Then there are of course my fur babies. Lila and Barry are both fit and ready to start competing. Each day I think one is worse than the other but they are both the same! I get time to ride them both five to six times a week. Barry looks incredible but Lila is still a little too fat. A few Sundays ago I took Barry to a BE training day in the Novice group, I was so apprehensive about taking him because we are not ready for Novice yet. He was a star… everyone loved him and he kept up with all the other horses well (even if he was like a coiled spring). Lila hasn’t been out yet but she’s ready to go do some showjumping.  I just hope now that this weather isn’t going to put me back even more because I can’t take them just going on the walker!

Bambi also returned to me this month, that’s another story… but I now have an 11.2hh pony to add to my collection (she is for sale because I need to stop being selfish and let a child enjoy her, still it breaks your heart).

At home things are great, my other half is amazing and helps out a lot around the house because I’m always out, running around at 100mph. Even better we get to spend four whole days together in Edinburgh at the start of March (I cannot wait!!). The big yellow lab is always as mischievous as ever and this month he has learned to jump from the boot of my car into the passenger’s seat, yet he has the face of an angel and is currently sat on my legs on the sofa. Gotta love them, haven’t you?

So that’s my Feb…

March is going to bring lots more blog posts and new things, time to get my head in the game!

Let’s see what spring brings.

Megan XOXO